Brite’s innovative zero carbon transport solution fundamentally changes how people move to their destination.

Be Brite & Beat The Traffic

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Brite Scooter

Brite Delivery Bike

Be Brite, ride safely. Follow these steps to ensure every trip is safe and enjoyable.


Brite provide you with a fully insured system but we rely on you to wear your helmet

Scan to unlock

Once Approved by Brite or your employer, use your Brite system app to unlock your vehicle

Start the vehicle

Scan the vehicle’s QR code or reserve in app to unlock your device and start your ride.

Scooters require balance

Kick the scooter a few times until you can free wheel, then gently ease the throttle in green on the right. Watch for wet roads and take it easy!

Riding your scooter

Use cycle lanes where possible. Don’t use footpaths and beware of friendly pedestrians. You are travelling on a moving mechanical vehicle so concentrate on the road!

You can pause your ride.

Depending on your own system, pausing your ride will stop your trip in the app, this may result in lower trip fees and will secure your vehicle.


Please park correctly – don’t obstruct entrances, footpaths, disabled spaces. If you are taking a break or dropping your bike or moped back to your parking Station please make sure you lock the unit to a solid structure

Ending your ride

You can pause and hold on to your vehicle, parking it anywhere, but when ending your session, you must park it at a designated parking station.

No Go Zones

Beware of where you are not allowed ride your Brite vehicle, these will be visible in the maps.

Start your journey, download Brite today

Brite Android App

Brite IOS App

E Bike Specifications

  • Digital Display – Speed, Battery range, Trip
  • Max Speed – 25 km/h
  • Brakes - Front and Rear Drum
  • IOT - QR code activation with GPS tracking
  • Battery - Replaceable Lithium Ion - 60kms range

More About Brite

Brite supply commuter vehicle managed services for corporate or university campuses as well as delivery vehicle managed services for food and grocery delivery businesses on the island of Ireland.

We provide ebikes, escooters, emopeds and ebikes to move your company’s employees around. Approved users scan a vehicle and ride.

Brite use the most advanced hardware designed for safety, we train our riders, we provide safety equipment and we promote safe riding.

You should ride your Brite vehicle on the road, not on footpaths.

Brite riders are covered by our insurance policy so don’t worry. If you have an accident, take pictures and contact us through the Brite app, we will take it from there.

You can go from 1km to 30kms on one of our vehicle. Some of our vehicles will suit longer journeys. Contact us to test ride the right vehicle for you.

We can provide you a solution for getting to your customers.

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